The Love Travellers’ Tour

19 Jul 2015 - No Comments


Join songstresses, The Galloping Cuckoos, and refuel your soul with songs from our Cuckoo journey thus far. Be lifted, be brought down, be overjoyed, be sad, be whatever you are. A time for mid-week repair and wholesomeness, just sit and listen, that’s all you have to do.

We have been performing and touring for a number of years now, by the sea, at festivals, fetes, weddings, celebrations, in railways arches and hidden spaces. We have sung our stories to unsuspecting passers by, collected their wishes and triggered their memories. We want to connect with you and share this journey of love, the highs and the lows, hilarity and heartbreak, in melody and harmony we leave our mark.

How about a cuckoo love-in? We’re all love travellers after all.

Tickets £10
9th & 10th September @ 7.30pm
Etcetera Theatre 265 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7BU

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