The Galloping Cuckoos to perform at The Roundhouse on 12th May 2013

14 Mar 2013 - No Comments

Great News! We will be featuring at the Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse in Camden on 12th May.

Exciting times!! We will be performing a  new site specifi piece called, ‘It Came Out Of The Blue’ especially created for the HUB space at The Roundhouse.

…Tell us about a moment when you were truly happy.

Expect a refreshing welcome, experimental dining and vocal delight from Birds Anonymous, The Galloping Cuckoos and Spork – three companies challenged to collaborate in a unique opportunity to devise an immersive and interactive evening of Accidental Happenings.

Experience the journey and challenge your expectations in Accidental Festival 2013’s finale event (See our lovely Lauren Meehan’s face on the flyer for this performance above!) – initiated through our Ideastap Brief.

It Came Out of the Blue is part of a triple bill of Accidental Happenings at the Accidental Festival, May 2013, showcasing at The Roundhouse, London. This interactive piece plays with memory and loss of identity. Share your memories, embrace someone else’s and assist the performers in piecing together their lost lives. They may just reminisce about the person you remind them of.

“…We don’t know how we got here, we know we are lucky to be alive. We remember nothing except a few songs from our past – it is all on the tip of our minds. The more we sing the more we remember. We are trying to re-make our own memories, clasping at the image of someone or something that reminds us of home. Who do you remind us of? What is your story? We are relying on you to help us fill in the gaps. We are not sure which path you will set us on, we hope it is a good one, an accident put us here and only another can get our lives back on track…”

Tickets: £6

Part of the Accidental Festival 2013

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