development of the new show “Driftwood”

13 Dec 2011 - No Comments

Some creative writing for the development of the Cuckoos new show Driftwood by Lauren Cuckoo:

We are all stragglers and wanderers united by our sense of discovery.  We are nomads; one by one we fell into each others lives and entwined ourselves like ivy, around each other; hoisting another roamer into our midst until we became barnacles on each other’s souls.  As long as we have the taste of the sea, the saltiness of the adventure on our lips, we will be content.  


We have waved goodbye to those we left behind to search for distant lands but now we long to wave at those again.  But maybe our faces and our spirits are now too weathered for anyone who knew us to understand who we are anymore.


The horizon is always there, friendly enough, calling us, but never seems to be there when we call. If longing was a strong wind then we would already be in the arms of those in the battered and bruised photographs we cling to our chests and hide between the pages of a book at the bottom of our tin treasure boxes.


If our hearts were a compass we could find where to go and know we are not far – we could navigate away from all those things we know are painful or steer ourselves closer to those we know we love as sure as the metal cursor points north.


We are a new family and we want to explore lands, the people, their ways.  To offload to others and tell them our stories – to tell them of our troubles so they don’t make the same mistakes or so they can know the life that exists not far around the bend of the cliffs that seems so distant to them but is not even a fair weather sail away.

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