July 2015


Join songstresses, The Galloping Cuckoos, and refuel your soul with songs from our Cuckoo journey thus far. Be lifted, be brought down, be overjoyed, be sad, be whatever you are. A time for mid-week repair and wholesomeness, just sit and listen, that’s all you have to do. We have been performing and touring for a number of years now, by the sea, at festivals, fetes, weddings, celebrations, in railways …

Capture a Cuckoo Art Class

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Fancy brushing up your life drawing skills and flexing your creative muscles? The Cuckoos will be posing as portrait models at ‘Capture a Cuckoo’, an event held on Amhurst Rd, Hackney on Saturday 19th September. We have teamed up with the amazing and talented Bay Lees who has over 25 years experience as an Art Teacher, she can help you brush up your drawing skills, engage your artistic eye and …

For our fifth Cuckoo Cover we decided to showcase a more personal song from us – this was created for one of our own Cuckoo’s wedding! The ceremony took place in Edinburgh, and we sang our Cuckoo rendition of the classic ‘Endless Love’ at the ceremony inside Dundas Castle Chapel. This is dedicated to Laura Cuckoo and her new husband Luke.