It Came Out of the Blue

Hi All!   Us cuckoos have had the most fantastic time performing at VAULT Festival for a five night run from 28th Jan – 1st Feb 2014. We performed “It Came Out of the Blue” and thoroughly enjoyed every …

So we had an amazing run at VAULT Festival – please see the below trailer by Engy Arts. ‘It Came Out of the Blue’ will be revived early 2015 – keep your eyes peeled! It Came Out of the Blue @ Vault Festival

Hey Y’all!   We have some exciting news – us Cuckoos will be performing “It Came Out of the Blue” at Vault Festival 2014 from January 28th – 1st February at the Waterloo Vaults!  Please see below for more info…and dont forget to purchase your tickets!

Great News! We will be featuring at the Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse in Camden on 12th May. Exciting times!! We will be performing a  new site specifi piece called, ‘It Came Out Of The Blue’ especially created for the HUB space at The Roundhouse. …Tell us about a moment when you were truly happy. Expect a refreshing welcome, experimental dining and vocal delight from Birds Anonymous, The Galloping Cuckoos