Driftwood on Tour 2013

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We are in the process of booking up ‘Driftwood’ for a tour of UK arts festivals next summer. Have a sneaky look at some of our new pics! CLICK HERE  

Maryjane, Lauren and Simone in Driftwood. Herne bay Festival …

We are performing a site-specific version of our piece ‘Driftwood’ at the event REPLY TO: PO BOX 49 at Battersea Mess and Music Hall this week 11th -14th July.
It’s a celebration of over 300 years of the lonely heart’s ad. It’s an experiential live theatre event which will be held in the delightful Battersea Mess and MusicHall SW11 1JD. It includes works from over 70 creatives including film-makers, directors, …

An interview with us on BBC Radio Kent with Pat Marsh
listen online here

Some creative writing for the development of the Cuckoos new show Driftwood by Lauren Cuckoo: We are all stragglers and wanderers united by our sense of discovery.  We are nomads; one by one we fell into each others lives and entwined ourselves like ivy, around each other; hoisting another roamer into our midst until we became barnacles on each other’s souls.  As long as we have the taste of the