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What a wonderous year it’s been! We’ve been on tour, roaming across the coast dressed as fisherwomen, hauling our small fishing hut made of worn, splintered driftwood. We’ve shared stories through choral song and old folk tunes, encouraged you to write down your worries or wishes in the hope you will cast away your worries and haul in your dreams! ‘Driftwood ‘was also transformed into a piece of site – …

Wilderness Festival Thank You!

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So we are back from the totally beautiful fields of Wilderness. Amongst the trees, tea cakes, fresh water swimming (accompanied by tangled seaweeded limbs), school games and flowing cider, we shantied our fisher women hearts out. Sung arias to love struck couples, caught big specimens of men in our fishing net, danced and looked upon spontaneous marriages (albeit not totally official) and layed coconut eggs on the laps of a