The Galloping Cuckoos specialise in outdoor, site specific and interactive performance. We communicate with our audiences through a devised visual and physical language using song and eye contact. We often react to our surroundings, improvising and playing with the environment and those who inhabit it on any given day. With journeying and searching at the heart of our work, we encourage our audiences to take a step out of the daily norm and have fun with us, sharing a moment of heartfelt nostalgia and connection, in which everything is forgotten but nothing is lost.
HUGe Nest

“HUG”e Nest

A delightfully frivolous and quirky piece of interactive outdoor performance.

In “HUG”e Nest the Galloping Cuckoos become a flock of yellow heart-shaped love birds housed in a beautiful life-sized birdcage. Set them free and they will sing to you, dance for you and make you feel joyful… and they might just hug you too! “HUG”e Nest sees beautiful bird-girls communicate through song and gesture to speak to their bird watching audience in an amusing flurry of feathers.

Exploring the universal themes of home and family, place and connection,”HUG”e Nest is funny, touching and visually delightful.
This performance gives unsuspecting audience members the gift of human connection and generosity, and these moments lie at the heart of all our work.

“HUG”e Nest is “Sealed, With A Loving HUG” from start to finish.

Don’t forget us, we have not forgotten you

Don’t forget us, we have not forgotten you

Play with us, imitate and make intimate with us, tell us your desires, sing with us, make fun of us and laugh with us: but don’t forget us, we have not forgotten you.

This interdisciplinary performance sees five women, filled with youthful excitement, roll a moveable dressing table around the space, interacting, serenading and imitating its inhabitants. This dressing table becomes a site for reflection; reflecting the past, the present, the lost and the found. The performers migrate and explore the space searching for the image of their youth through the audiences faces, expressions and clothing. With hilarious interactions, soaring vocals and comic references to popular culture, this performance is raucous, rebellious and a reminder that youth exists in all of us no matter our ages.

The women recognise the vibrancy of being young whilst subtly acknowledging the fallacy of memory and poignancy, of a type of youth that has in part been already lived, been experienced…existed.



“On the turn of the tide we must leave to one day return home” –
a funny and nostalgic piece of interactive theatre suitable for festivals, fetes and all audiences.

A group of fisherwomen roam the coast, hauling their small fishing hut made of worn, splintered driftwood. They seek to connect with the locals, sharing their stories through choral song and old folk tunes. The fisherwomen will encourage you to write down your worries or wishes, stoppering them up in a bottle for safe-keeping. In return, they will sing a personal sea shanty, encouraging you to “cast away your worries and haul in your dreams”.

Driftwood is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, PANeK (Performing Arts Network Kent) & Applause Outdoors 212.



A flock of fanatical birdwatchers, each armed with binoculars, a deerstalker hat and their packed lunch, stalk around the forest. They are an awkward bunch, odd in manner, a collective that shares peculiarities and obsessive behaviours. United by their quest to find a new species of woodland bird, nothing is going to stop them.

The birds call out, igniting the strange group to fever pitch, each twitcher frantically searching for a new prize to add to their list – but all is not as it seems. A secret lies beneath their gawkish exterior, a secret they can hide no longer. Watch them watching you and see them express their true desires.

Birdesque is a comical mix of physical theatre, non-verbal soundscapes and clowning that plays on burlesque conventions. Expect to leave with your feathers well and truly ruffled!

Birdesque has been purposefully created for cabaret and festival audiences.

Canopy of Eyes

Canopy of Eyes

We hunt and get hunted every day.  The natural dangers of the wild world – are they so very different from the natural dangers of the civilised world? It’s all dressed up like a party but there’s no guest list and everyone is invited. The sphere in which we exist isn’t local any more, and the way in which we connect has changed forever.

Canopy of Eyes explores the development of modern human communication and its impact on social behaviours and physical and mental health, through song, music, clowning and interactive text. Being watched, being monitored, being commented on, willingly or unknowingly and the cynicism which surrounds that, are all themes explored within the piece. Voyeurism becomes an undercurrent in the piece which draws parallels between nature and civilisation – parading, masquerading, watching, being watched, fooled and tricked exist in both.

Observed beneath a canopy of eyes, we are all part of a hunting game, and we all lie in wait…

It Came Out of the Blue

It Came Out of the Blue

“If you lost your memory tomorrow, who would you go to to get it back?”

Something catastrophic has happened. They are windswept, disheveled, battered and torn. They don’t know how they got here, but they are lucky to be alive. They remember nothing except a few folk songs from their past – it is all on the tip of their minds.

Who do you remind them of? What is your story? They rely on you to help them fill in the gaps. An accident put them here and only another can get their lives back on track.

It Came Out of the Blue is an interactive piece devised by The Galloping Cuckoos which plays with ideas of memory and loss of identity. It is also based on the company’s personal experiences with dementia.

Share your memories, embrace someone else’s and assist the performers in piecing together their lost lives. They may just reminisce about the person you remind them of…

About Us

The Galloping Cuckoos are an interdisciplinary performance ensemble, made up of six performing arts professionals, based in Kent and London, UK. Formed in 2006, we specialise in devised theatre, site-specific performance and street theatre. We create work that encourages human beings to reconnect and interact with each other, enabling
our audiences to explore and celebrate the fabric of being human. Our work plays with merging the humorous with the nostalgic, the poignant and heartfelt with joy. We celebrate the universal search for the shiny side of a tarnished coin, and it is this search that forms the basis of all our performances and projects.

Gemma Williams

Gemma is a graduate from the University of Winchester with a BA in Performing Arts, and went on to attain an MA in Dramaturgy from The University of Kent. She is Co-Director of Red Threaders Dramaturgy, a theatre based artistic advisory service for arts practitioners, schools, community groups, and those who create and devise performance work. Gemma specialises in interactive/outdoor performance, artistic advisory in devised performance and dramaturgy in health related contexts.

Simone Watson

Simone graduated from the University of Winchester with a First Class BA Hons in Performing Arts in 2006. She is an independant Theatre Director & Producer and works exclusively with new writing plays. Simone also works as a Freelance Performing Arts Practitioner, and specialises in devised theatre. She is currently employed as an Account Manager for the award winning Maynard Leigh Associates, who use Theatre, Performing Arts and Psychological  practice to deliver specialist Leadership, Personal Development and Team Impact training in the commercial sector.

Lauren Meehan

A first class honours graduate from Winchester University in Performing Arts,  Lauren has performed across the country, at festivals including Glastonbury and at venues such as The Cockpit, The Vaults and The Roundhouse. Lauren is an experienced freelance project manager previously working at global advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather handling clients such as British Airways, Aberdeen Asset Management, Bupa, IHG and Ford. She is also currently working as tour manager and general administrator for renowned Indian Classical musician Baluji Shrivastav

Laura Manning

Laura graduated from the University of Winchester with a First Class BA Hons in Performing Arts. She has been a Co-Creative Director with The Galloping Cuckoo’s since 2006, devising and performing all over the country. Laura has teaching qualifications along with being a certified fitness and Zumba instructor. She has toured and performed at a plethora of rural and outdoor festivals amongst other outstanding European acts. She specialises in creating and performing devised work along with interactive/outdoor performance.

Danielle Meehan

Since receiving a First Class BA Hons degree in Performing Arts at the University of Winchester, Danielle went on to complete an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice, specialising in acting and performance, at The Central School of Speech and Drama. She has most recently been performing at The Royal Opera House in both Anna Nicole and L’elisir D’amore, as well as at prestigious Glyndebourne Opera festival in Der Rosenkavalier under the direction of Richard Jones.

Maryjane Stevens

Maryjane is a director, facilitator and dramaturg, and is co-director of Red Threaders Dramaturgy with Gemma Williams.  She is also a performer/researcher on Imagining Autism, which is run by The University of Kent, Canterbury with AHRC funding.  Her specialisms are street theatre, devising and applied theatre.


The Galloping Cuckoos’ current portfolio includes a number of outdoor and site specific performances, which are suitable for festivals, fetes, corporate events and occasions. We are also able to create a range of bespoke workshops, projects and performances to meet your specification and budget. Our work is site specific which makes it unique to your event. Please either email us or use our contact from below to let us know about the type of package you’d like us to create for your event.

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“Their unpretentious and engaging antics won over the diverse crowds immediately…”

Eleanor Barrett, Artistic Director,
Brickbox, Brixton.
“Very much enjoyed working with you on your new street theatre piece ‘Driftwood’. Great concept, visually arresting and very funny. I’m sure the top outdoor arts festivals will come knocking.”
Gary Barber,
Natural Theatre Company of Bath.